Monday, 18 April 2011

Thank you!!

When the earthquakes happen, It was a few days before I was in Aix en Provence.
It's an disaster I've never seen before in my life and totally shocked by that.
It was kind of good to do the cube project to calm down and pull myself, then a few days later my friend asked my to do the fundraiser ART FOR JAPAN at It's obviously amazing idea!

I sold my pins and postcards at Aix en Provence festival and my webshop.
Total sales is 127.50 EURO + 23.55 Pound!!!
All of this will be donate to Japan Red cross or other NPO which will be selected soon.
I will donate those at same time as ART FOR JAPAN at

More artists has been added to the event blog.
Very exciting. It's on 1st of May at Vyner street in London.
Please come!!

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