Saturday, 26 March 2011

Aix en provence 3

Middle of the week of my staying in Aix.
I'm kind of start to worrying if I can finish the project.
Thought a week is plenty but not really!!

Manu is setting the light in the cube.

Zeina Abirached's cube is B&W, beautifully simple drawing of houses.
But there is protest inside!

Alban Guillemois's cube is big mechanical elephant. Such an amazing idea!
The interior is full of fantasy objects and you can see his short animations.

Martes Bathori is making big pig with cardboard. It was impressibly quick & beautiful.
It looks like a wooden sculpture.
He'll beat everyone if there is any cardboard animal making competitions.

Moolinex  has embroidery toilet cover. "Hello to an artist, good bye to friend.
The cube is covered by his artwork.
He's the one finished cube marathon first!

Marijs Bouloqne is helping Jimmy Pantera's Lucha libre exhibition.

Also she's a play writer, director, actress and mummie maker!

I've never thought about that my first newspaper exposure will be an article about attacking by a mummie...

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