Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kanazawa and Goshoyama Trip

I did a short trip to Kanazawa and Goshoyama(Shirakawago).
I took a Bullet train to Echigo Yuzawa then change to Kanazawa.
Here the bento box I ate. There is Egg, Mushroom, cod row and Pollock row on top of the rice.

I ate a fish testicles, sea cucumber, searchin and balloon fish in this trip. Yummy.

A Japanese In, Yogetsu. Very nice service and big clean room.
It's in the middle of Geisha district, Higashi chaya.
Only 4500yen par night without breakfast.

Night in north part of the city.

An old Samurai house, Nomurake.

Took couch to Shirakawago, National heritage village.
Then took a local bus to Goshoyama, Aikura.

Had a dinner with everyone who stayed at inn, Yomokichi.
Ate fish from river, carp sashimi and vegetables from mountain.

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