Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I've been to Bourges, France.
I made sushi, hang out with my new friends, gardening, shopping at massive salvation army, of course a lot of drinking and sleeping.
 Me with Bourge official gardener.
Photo by Minitoko

Baby Otohiko and Cat Takashi
Photo by Minitoko

Skull maracas

I've seen him before.
French boy has lots of freckles.

I stayed at my friends space. It was amazing. Colourful & Peaceful place I've ever known.
She's really cool graphic desiner, mum of Otohiko and owner of two cats.
Here is her blog Minitoko 
I love the page of Blythe Doll. My favorite is "Poney-Jo"


  1. Bonjour Takayo ! huge hugs from le Berry.

  2. Ciao, Julie!
    It was a high light of my summer. thanks.xxx