Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cafe Rossi

It's a short story about Cafe Rossi.
The siamese twins goes to other space through the all day breakfast, meets a lonely mushroom.







  1. Hi Takayo,

    It's Tom's friend Joe here. He sent me a link to your blog... it's excellent!! Can I put a link to it on my blog? It's nothing to do with comics...

    Also, he mentioned you have a good camera. I'm looking to buy one soon and wondered if you could tell me what type/model camera you have.


  2. Hey, Joe.

    I wonder if you see my comment on your blog.
    Also i forgot to tell you about my camera.

    I use Ricoh GX200.
    It has 24 mm wide-angle lens.I recommend it if you take landscape/building photos.
    But it's sometime hard to use as snap shot, too much functions which i don't really understand.

    There is a model GR3, which cost more but i couldn't find any difference to GX200.

    Anyway, it's fun camera!