Monday, 14 December 2009

How to make a magazine cover

Some people asked me How long does it take to draw or how do I draw.
I'll show you this time!

I've asked to draw a magazine cover, a fine french comic magazine Dutututto by Misma.

I've got a image in my head already.-Easy start!
It will be a city view with word "Dututto 16"

16:00 Do some sketches in my note pad.

17:12 rough drawing on to a paper(Artistico Fabriano or Saunders Waterford)
It's very important to make a vanishing point this stage.

17:30 I slightly change my mind for "O". it could be a big wheel!
I do quite detailed pencil sketch at this stage.

19:00 I've done half inking

21:30 I've done inking whole image and had a dinner.

22:00 Scan in 600dpi and clean up.

22:30 decide the colours in Photoshop.
Hmm.. which one shall i go.

You'll see the final version of the dupututto 16 cover at Angouleme festival or some book shops in France next year!

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